Hello nerds

whats up

import React from "react"; 

console.log("hey nerds"); 
const fancy = "fira" == "code" // good code mate 
const x = { 
    a: "4", 
    b: 4, 
    c: true, 
    d: /[\w]+/g 

function helloworld() { 

class Dog extends React.Component { 
    asd: number; 

Portfolio website running on [Next.js](https://nextjs.org/) + [Strapi](https://strapi.io). & 

Now we can have some inline code /path/to/file bros

check out this youtube video

1+1=1x1+1 = \int_{1}^{\infty}x

Lift(LL) can be determined by Lift Coefficient (CLC_L) like the following equation. L=12ρv2SCLL = \frac{1}{2} \rho v^2 S C_L